DECA 2023 Diabetes Camp & Retreat Medical Conference Program – Diabetes Education & Camping Association

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8:00am PDT (GMT-7) /
11:00am EDT (GMT-4)

Welcome / Opening

Ryan McDonough, DO
Terry Ackley
Lisa Gier

8:10am PDT (GMT-7) /
11:10am EDT (GMT-4)

Check-In at Camp: What Do You Really Need to Know? (Q & A Session following)

This session will describe the information to be gathered and reviewed before camp and at check in to ensure that every camper is set up for success at your diabetes camp. Pre-camp communication, check in of medications and diabetes supplies, and review of current diabetes management will be discussed.

8:30am PDT (GMT-7) /
11:30am EDT (GMT-4)

Automated Insulin Delivery Systems at Camp (Q & A Session following)

Automated Insulin Delivery system backgrounds and practical recommendations for use at camp will be discussed.

9:10am PDT (GMT-7) /
12:10am EDT (GMT-4)

Diabetes Tech @ Camp (Q & A Session following)

In this presentation we will discuss the role of diabetes technology at camp and provide basic information on how to deliver insulin for a “bolus” for food or correction and how to access important pump information to help keep campers safe!

9:50am PDT (GMT-7) /
12:50pm EDT (GMT-4)

Non-Diabetes Care at Camp

The Non-Diabetes Care at Camp will focus on common acute injuries and complaints.  The presentation will include discussion of head injury management including concussions and minor head injuries.  We will also cover identifying and treating minor extremity injuries and lacerations.   Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about rashes they may encounter during camp. 

10:30am PDT (GMT-7) /
1:30pm EDT (GMT-4)

Parental Interactions at Camp (Q & A Session following)

11:10am PDT (GMT-7) /
2:10pm EDT (GMT-4)

Nursing Practice at Camp: A Panel Discussion

12:30pm PDT (GMT-7) /
3:30pm EDT (GMT-4)

Hypoglycemia & Glucagon (Q & A Session following)

Dr. Jackson will review hypoglycemia at camp (what it is and how is occurs), discuss use of glucagon (when to administer, what products are available), and discuss prevention of lows.