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DECA’s 2024 International Diabetes Camping and Retreat Medical Conference

April 6th, Saturday 

DECA is hosting a virtual conference specifically designed for the Medical Staff, and we’d love to invite you to attend!  The conference will have excellent speakers who will cover everything from the use of advanced technologies, to covid is still with us, to addressing both diabetes and non-diabetes emergencies. Our speakers are excited to share recent advancements in diabetes management and highlight best practices for care at camp.  The target audience is ANYONE who provides medical, nursing, dietetic, or other allied health support services at camp!

This conference is the ultimate professional training and networking meeting for diabetes camping & retreat healthcare leaders worldwide.

Session Topics

  • Afrezza and other non-typical insulins
  • DIY Insulin Pump Systems
  • iLet Bionic Pancreas
  • Research Offerings at Camp
  • Cell Phone Use & Misuse at Camp
  • Pumps & Pump Failure Plan
  • Other Technology Failure Plans
  • CampViews (2023 Use & Outcomes Data)
  • Non-Diabetes Care @ Camp

We are working with a hospital to award Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits to physicians. Other attendees completing the conference will earn a certificate of attendance. This certificate will state that the activity was approved for CME, and can typically be used to request other types of CE from licensing boards.

Registration Fee – $129 US

NOTE: DECA Members are eligible for a $25 discount off the registration fee. Request the Promo Code from your organization/camp leadership, or contact

Questions? Contact Terry Ackley, or 239-984-3554.

DECA’s 2025 International Diabetes Camp and Retreat Conference

Save the Date!  DECA’s 2025 Diabetes Camping Operations & Programs Conference is scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas, USA at the Anatole Hotel on Sunday, February 16th and Monday, February 17th.