Diabetes Camps inspire, help & develop confidence
in children and others affected by diabetes.

You share the Diabetes Education and Camping Association’s Vision of a World of happy healthy children living with diabetes, and so you understand that the importance of on going health education encouragement and emotional support necessary to instill resilience in them. (read more)

                      DECA 2022 International Diabetes Camping Conference                                                                        Moving Ahead & Growing Together                                          February 5th – 7th, Portland, Oregon  

Join us for DECA’s 2022 International Diabetes Camping Conference, the world’s largest gathering of professionals serving youth with diabetes in camping and outreach programs!

Important information will be shared in three content areas: Healthcare, Programming/Youth Development and Administration/Management. Campfire Chat discussions will give you great new ideas.  Networking opportunities will connect you with leaders and sponsors of diabetes camps. Sponsor Spotlights will inform you about the latest diabetes products.

Spend time with like-minded people who are   dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children with diabetes.


Saturday – Conference welcome, introductions and evening activity

Sunday (All day) – Medical focus 

Monday (All day) – Administrative & Programming

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2022 International Diabetes Camping Conference

February 5th  – 7th, Portland, Oregon, USA.  Save the Date! Join us for DECA’s 2022 International Diabetes Camping Conference – the world’s largest gathering of professionals serving youth with diabetes in camping and outreach programs! Learn More

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What are the Benefits of Joining Diabetes Education & Camping Association?

DECA Member at ConferenceThe Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) unites the worldwide diabetes camping community through leadership and education, and shares resources to advance programs that dramatically impact people’s lives. By becoming a DECA member, you and your camping organization gain access to resources, training, recognition, and validation.