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Dexcom CGM System

The Dexcom G6 eliminates fingersticks for calibration, diabetes treatment decisions and diabetes management*

CGM, The Basics:

  • The Dexcom G6 CGM System can now be used in place of fingerstick testing for treatment decisions*
  • The Dexcom CGM System is permitted for ages 2 years and older on the abdomen and lower back. For 18 and over, the Dexcom CGM is approved for the abdomen
  • The Dexcom CGM is compatible with iOS and Android platforms which allow glucose readings on a compatible smart device†
  • The Dexcom also has a Share feature which allows you to share your glucose readings with up to five individuals‡. By downloading the Dexcom Follow® app, followers can view your real-time glucose data directly from their smart device giving you the circle of support you need.

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Benefits of CGM

Unlike a blood glucose meter (BGM), which provides just a single glucose reading, CGM systems provide real-time, dynamic glucose information every five minutes — up to 288 readings in a 24-hour period. You can gain valuable insight about your glucose levels, speed, and direction giving you additional insight to proactively manage your diabetes.

  • A1c Reduction: CGM has proven to be the best outpatient glycemic management system for reducing A1C. Type 1 diabetics have experienced an average A1C reduction of 1.3%**.   
  • Reduced Hypoglycemia: Not only can CGM reduce A1C, numerous studies have shown it can also decrease time spent in hypoglycemia1-3
  • Alerts and Alarms: CGM Systems are equipped with alerts and alarms that notify you of approaching highs and lows
  • Real-time glucose information: CGM provides real-time information about your glucose level speed and direction (high or low), so you have more insight for proactively managing your diabetes

*If your glucose alerts and readings from the G6 do not match symptoms or expectations, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions.

†Click here for a list of compatible smart devices

‡Do not make treatment decisions based on share and follow readings. Always confirm with your compatible smart device or Dexcom receiver.

**MDI patients with baseline A1C ≥ 8.5%

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