Medical Resources

A Day in the Life of a Camp Doctor (DECA Education Video)
Blood Sugar Log (Camp Kudzu)
Diabetes Toolbox-Basics of Diabetes At Camp – Abby Hollander, MD; Vick Moran, PhD, RN, CNE, CDE, PHNA-B, TNS; Stephanie Kassels, DNP, FNP-BC, CDE; Carla Cox, PhD, RD, CDE, DPT; Kelly Mueller, MS, PMP; Emily Fay, B.A.Sc. (DECA 2019 Conference Video)
Medical Advisory Committee (Camp Hendon)
Virtual Camp Program Resources (ACA)

Medical Manual (2013 – Camp Ho Mita Koda)
Medical Manual for General Staff (2012 – Camp Possibilities)
Medical Orientation Manual (2011 – Florida FCCYD)
Building Resilience in Youth with Diabetes using Social Support Discussions (Summary of DECA 2020 Workshop)
Diabetes Survivor Edition One – Melissa Wehr, LISW, RPT-S (2014 Webinar Presentation)
Diabetes Survivor Edition Two – Melissa Wehr, LISW, RPT-S (2014 Webinar Presentation)
The Emotional Side of Diabetes – William H Polonsky, PhD, CDE (DECA 2020 Conference Video)
How To Utilize Advances in Diabetes Technology At Camp, FDA Approved and Unapproved – Rayhan Lal, MD (DECA 2019 Conference Video)
Hybrid Closed Loop Insulin Pump at Diabetes Camp (Campfire Chat, Audio Recording)
Optimizing Smart Guard Auto Mode for Kids – Vivian Dimitracopoulos, BS, RD, CDE (DECA 2020 Conference Video)
Sensors, Pumps and Closed-Loop Technologies – What Will Be Coming to Camp Within The Next Few Years – Bruce Buckingham, MD & Rayhan Lal, MD (DECA 2019 Conference Video)
What is New in Automated Insulin Delivery – Bruce Buckingham, MD (DECA 2020 Conference)