• The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) is a multidisciplinary association dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional diabetes management, education and support.  AADE’s members serve on the healthcare teams at many of DECA’s camps.  DECA and the AADE Camp Community of Interest Group cooperatively work on many projects that promote and enhance education for youth with diabetes and their families at camp and in other non-traditional settings.

  • The American Diabetes Association funds research, delivers services, provides information and gives a voice to those living with diabetes. The ADA owns and operates many of DECA’s member camps and serves as a valued partner in DECA’s efforts to promote and enhance camp programs for youth and families.

  • The Canadian Diabetes Association’s mission is to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure. We deliver our mission by providing people with diabetes and healthcare professionals with education and services; advocating on behalf of people with diabetes; supporting research and translating research into practical applications.  The Canadian Diabetes Association is a member of DECA, and operates summer camps, family camps and youth retreat programs in nine Canadian provinces.

  • The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and DECA work cooperatively to educate and support children and families who live with diabetes.  Through joint projects such as the “go to camp postcard” in the “JDRF Bag of Hope” the organizations can meet their common goals of promoting volunteerism, increasing cooperative diabetes education, reducing the devastating complications of diabetes, conducting essential research and fostering fellowship among diabetes-interested organizations worldwide.

  • Lions worldwide are committed to helping those who live with diabetes.  DECA and Lions International have formed a partnership to connect Lions to local diabetes camps so that they can be active in getting children to camps, volunteering at camps and broadening awareness. Diabetes camping programs teach children how to live well with diabetes, introduces them to lifelong friends and motivates them to overcome the challenges of this difficult health condition. View Kids Love Diabetes Camps to hear what the children say!

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    • Diabetes 101 - If you would like to help your community assist children with diabetes, download Diabetes 101, a Resource Manual for teachers, coaches and others who work with children who have diabetes.  Take it to a local school nurse, daycare center or coach. Use it as a teaching manual at a club meeting!
    • Until The Cure There’s Camp - A PowerPoint presentation to show your club the benefits of diabetes camping programs for children.
    • Diabetes Camp Survival Manual - to learn about how your club can help to create a program in your area - or how you can help an existing program become even better. 
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    • Inclusion of diabetes camping programs on the Diabetes Industry Partners Advisory Council  (IPAC) database for donations of supplies and materials
    • Unlimited individual memberships for camp staff and/or camp volunteers
    • Rights to use the DECA logo on promotional materials, indicating that your camp is a member of the world’s only professional diabetes camping organization
    • Partner opportunities with affiliated organizations worldwide
    • Participation in conferences, online forums and other camp communities of interest

    The Diabetes Education and Camping Association sincerely thanks the Lions of the World for helping children live well with diabetes!

  • The College Diabetes Network (CDN) is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to empowering and improving the lives of students living with Type 1 diabetes through peer support and access to information and resources. CDN has chapters on campuses across North America and supports a national network of young adults just like you! For information about how to make a difference on your campus, access their resources about college life, or to refer your parents: check out their website at www.CollegeDiabetesNetwork.org.

  • Glu® is an active and diverse, type 1 diabetes, online community designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of those living with T1D. In Glu® you will connect with people just like you, contribute to discussions and research, and learn from the wealth of rich information found within the pages … and that’s just the beginning.