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            “The Power of Connecting”


             DECA’s 2020 International 

          Diabetes Camping Conference

                 February 9th & 10th, San Diego, California, USA

DECA’s 2020 International Diabetes Camping Conference was an exciting and informative event! Dr. Bruce Buckingham excited us when talking about emerging technologies in diabetes care. Dr. William Polonsky emboldened us to providing compassionate and supportive care to others. Eric Tozer inspired us to set and reach goals for an active and healthy life.
We were fortunate to have outstanding speakers address a multitude of topics important to diabetes camping in the areas of camper programming, medical care and organization operations.
Friends from DexcomOmnipod®, Medtronic and Tandem delivered superb training on diabetes care devices during the technology forum.
Friends from Lilly and Xeris provide timely and informative updates on their products for the treatment of severe hypoglycemia, BAQSIMI™ and Gvoke™ respectively.
Sincere Thanks to our Conference Sponsors
American Diabetes Association
Lilly Diabetes
Omnipod DASH™ System
Tandem Diabetes Care



DECA’s 2019 International Diabetes Camping Conference Report

“Empowering Youth With Diabetes” was the theme for  leaders in diabetes camping  as they attended DECA’s 2019 International Diabetes Camping Conference.  They heard stimulating general session speakers; participated in thought provoking round-table discussions; attended enlightening sessions; networked with peers and shared novel approaches that will enhance programming for those living with by diabetes.

View the 2019 Conference Program.

DECA's Staff Training
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DECA Conference Attendees

DECA’s webinars and Campfire Chats provide learning and networking experiences designed for diabetes camp professionals, from directors and administrators to program managers, front line staff and volunteer staff.   Experts in the community address essential subjects such as planning and implementing quality camp programs, best practices in the medical care of children with diabetes, highly effective business practices and other relevant topics.