2019 International Diabetes Camping Conference

February 17th & 18th, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Join us as we talk about how the latest diabetes care treatments and technologies are being successfully utilized at camp.  Discuss fun and motivational approaches to teaching children how to thrive with diabetes.  Converse about the opportunities and challenges that diabetes camps face. Learn about how others effectively manage the operation of their diabetes camping businesses. Enjoy sharing ideas and experiences with our community of diabetes camping professionals.


DECA invites session proposals from those having interest in speaking during our conference. Click below for more information.  

DECA's Staff Training
Webinars and Campfire Chats

DECA Conference Attendees

DECA’s webinars and Campfire Chats provide learning and networking experiences designed for diabetes camp professionals, from directors and administrators to program managers, front line staff and volunteer staff.   Experts in the community address essential subjects such as planning and implementing quality camp programs, best practices in the medical care of children with diabetes, highly effective business practices and other relevant topics.