FDJE- Fundacion Diabetes Juvenil Ecuador

    Offices Located at Isla Santa Fe N43-65 y Tomas de Berlanga, Quito

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    "Campo Amigo Ecuador" is a specialized summer camp project for children, adolescents and young people with diabetes mellitus type 1. Supported by the Fundacion Diabetes Juvenile Del Ecuador (FDJE).

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    Campo Amigo Ecuador

    • Dates: August 01, 2018 to August 05, 2018
    • Audience: Youth & Teen

    The Campo Amigo Ecuador project is a ludic-educational proposal that consists of a 5-day coexistence, in which children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes meet with their peers and share a space to improve knowledge of their diabetes. In a controlled environment where they receive education and counseling from experienced health specialists who focus on helping in the process of accepting life with diabetes. Campo Amigo Ecuador trains on daily issues of type 1 and nutrition, according to age and level of knowledge, providing participants with tools that allow them to make sound decisions regarding the management of their condition. Strengthens its positive attitude towards diabetes, creating conditions of dialogue, expression and spaces of affectivity. Encourages the practice of physical activity, sports and teamwork as a strategy to develop a healthy life.