Chris Dudley Foundation

    Offices Located at 6191 Witzel Rd SE, Salem, OR 97317-9144


    The CDF hope is that through high quality camps and educational programs, collaborative healthcare, and networks of support, all people with diabetes will live healthier, more active and fulfilling lives.

    Upcoming Chris Dudley Foundation Programs

    Chris Dudley Basket Ball Tournament

    • Dates: October 27, 2019 to October 27, 2019
    • Audience: Youth & Teen
    • Program Type: Event - Part or Full Day

    If you're an adult with type 1 diabetes,or love someone with T1D, Please come join the fun at Adult Camp 8/24-8/25 2019. The event is a fundraiser to support the children of Gales Creek Camp. Our goal is to raise (or donate) funds to send a kid to regular summer camp. As a reward, you'll get your own camp retreat with some adult twists. Join the hiking, swimming, field games, arts and craft— Evening of Fun and games